Spotlight on Virtual Primary Care

Spotlight on Virtual Primary Care
October 20, 2022 Sue Riordan
Spotlight on virtual primary care

In a recent article, we explored the importance of primary care. And we discussed why it’s good not only to have a primary doctor, but to see them regularly.

However, many patients are seeking a more modern experience for their health care.

According to this year’s Health Care Insights Study from CVS Health®, consumers would like higher levels of engagement and communication from providers1. And they want something holistic and personal, which varies from primary care visits of the past. It’s paved the way for an up-to-date solution.

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on virtual primary care.

Benefits of virtual primary care

So, what are some of the benefits of virtual primary care? The first, and maybe most obvious, is convenience. If you don’t need to drive to a doctor’s office or leave home, it’s much easier to fit a primary care appointment into your daily schedule. This makes it a big time-saver. You can even save money on transportation costs.

And convenience ranks high for consumers when it comes to choosing a primary care doctor. In the CVS Health study, it was an important factor for 92 percent of people.

Greater availability and access

Virtual primary care also addresses access to providers.

You can sometimes wait up to a month to see a provider in person. In fact, in 2022, the average wait time to see a family physician is 20.6 days2.

However, virtual primary care greatly reduces wait times. You can often see a physician virtually in just a few days after requesting your appointment. The improved availability and access makes consumers more likely to set—and keep—appointments.

In addition, virtual primary care helps close gaps to care due to doctor shortages or available in-network providers.

Building relationships for better health

Finally, building doctor-patient relationships easily helps foster a stronger bond long-term.

By beginning care appointments online, patients can get the care they need sooner. This puts them on the path to achieving their health goals faster. Plus, lasting and meaningful interactions with primary care physicians can positively impact future outcomes.

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We hope you found this spotlight on virtual primary care helpful!

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