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A strong network should be at the core of every great health plan

Advanced network solutions can help you save more every day—and protect those savings as health care costs rise.

We offer you options that make sense for your specific needs. So, whether that means accessing a broad national network solution, a regional one, or a high-performing network, we’ll guide you to a solution built to reach your goals.

Choose one of our Aetna networks®

Over 90 percent of our plan sponsors choose to offer the Aetna Choice®​ POS II network, a national network with carrier-level discounts. If you start here, you’ll gain access to 1.6 million health care providers nationwide, including over 350,000 behavioral health providers.

Aetna Choice® POS II is an exclusive offering available only through Meritain Health.

When you choose any of our Aetna network options, you can ensure members will always have access to quality care and affordable options whenever they need them.

They can easily find trusted professionals, plus the latest care options, such as:

    • Telehealth and virtual primary care options.
    • MinuteClinic® and HealthHUB® walk-in locations, open seven days a week.
    • Virtual and in-person behavioral health care.
    • Institutes of Quality® (IOQ) and Institutes of Excellence (IOE) for bariatric care, cardiac care, orthopedic care and behavioral health.
    • Over 776,000 doctors and more than 6,100 hospitals.
    • Specialized care for every concern.
    • Value-based care.

Identify the right area networks to support your population

In addition to a national network, we also partner with local and regional networks to find the best fit for our populations. Since we thrive on versatility, we’ll work to find the best discounts with the least disruption for your members—or whatever combination you value most.

You can even create a network option that’s custom made for you.

Narrow and custom network options aren’t only possible—we build them every day. If you’re a hospital system or a group looking for something different, we’re excited to help. From private labeled or multi-tier options, you can be confident we have custom solutions to fit what you’re looking for.

Spotlight on virtual primary care

And engage members to drive results

We provide resources to guide members on how to best understand their network resources.

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