Meritain Health Podcast: Women Supporting Women

Meritain Health Podcast: Women Supporting Women
March 18, 2021 Erica Manhardt
women helping women

Our In The Booth podcast series is produced to provide you with valuable insights and fresh health care industry perspectives. Join our host, Bridgette Cassety, to stay current on what’s new and trending in the marketplace.

Featuring Catherine Ratcliffe, Principal Vice President of Operations at Sullivan Benefits/One Digital; and Stacey Meade, Head of Sales from Meritain Health. Hosted by Bridgette Cassety from the Broker Engagement department at Meritain Health.

Looking to get into the industry? Female leaders share their advice, including:

  • Taking risks and being fearless.
  • Being intentional while developing your network.
  • Not being too critical of yourself.
  • Being yourself while also taking care of yourself.