Success Story: Resources For Living Was There

Success Story: Resources For Living Was There
February 9, 2021 Erica Manhardt
Aetna Resources For Living

Aetna Resources For Living was there to support Wendy when she needed it most.

Emily was very busy! In her 20s, she worked at a florist shop where she loved being surrounded by the colorful blooms and all her coworkers. Diagnosed with epilepsy when she was very young, Emily took medication to prevent seizures and help her lead a normal life. But that life had been a little rocky recently. A coworker she was close with had passed away.

It hit Emily hard, as it did the rest of the shop’s staff. Luckily, the team’s healthcare benefits package included access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Aetna Resources For Living. Emily talked to an EAP counselor named Wendy once a week for emotional support. Many of her fellow employees were also in distress over the situation—and to help things continue to run smoothly at the shop, Emily had stepped up to take on a larger workload.

A misunderstanding

To monitor her seizure condition, Emily’s doctor recently asked her to stop her medications temporarily to run bloodwork. Because her medication was on pause, her doctor’s orders were to take a few days off from work and stay home. But Emily’s life had been a blur and she misunderstood these orders—mistakenly returning to work without taking the medication that helped stabilize her seizures.

Help at just the right time

During the work day, Emily called in to her weekly EAP session with Wendy. Wendy noticed right away something was not right. Emily sounded distracted, which was not like her—plus she was slurring her words and seemed confused.

Wendy took fast action and told Emily to call 9-1-1 right away for emergency care.

Life back on track!

After being rushed to the hospital, Emily was placed back on her medication and her condition stabilized. She was able to return to work at the florist shop with the people she loved. She also continued her weekly calls with Wendy.

In addition to feeling better emotionally, she’s glad to be back in good health—and thankful for the support from Wendy that helped her right when she needed it most.


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