Meritain Health Podcast: Response to COVID-19

Meritain Health Podcast: Response to COVID-19
March 18, 2020 Erica Manhardt
Response to COVID-19 podcast

Our In The Booth podcast series is produced to provide you with valuable insights and fresh health care industry perspectives. Join our host, Bridgette Cassety, to stay current on what’s new and trending in the marketplace.

Meritain Health is committed to being Advocates for Healthier Living, helping our customers be and stay healthy.

Meritain Health is proactively bringing strategies and options to our plan sponsors to provide solutions for our customers to enable their employees to access care and help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Meritain Health has “fast tracked” several plan enhancements that customers can put into place quickly. However, clients have the flexibility to make other enhancements to their plans that Meritain Health will support.

Meritain Health is able to continue operations during this time and will continue monitoring best practices to share with our customers and brokers ideas they may wish to consider to help employees prevent illness and access care.