Member Gets Life-Saving Assistance from Teladoc®

Member Gets Life-Saving Assistance from Teladoc®
March 23, 2022 Laura Dziomba
life saving assistance from Teladoc

Like many of us, Jason doesn’t enjoy going to the doctor.

And because of this, he sometimes puts his own health on the back burner. But lately, something about the way he was feeling didn’t seem right.

In particular, he was very anxious and noticed his heart beating faster than usual. At first, he thought this could just be related to stress from work, or even his coffee habit. But, when he also began to feel a little dizzy and out of breath, Jason decided to tell his wife, Chloe, about these changes.

Jason and Chloe have health benefits with Meritain Health®, through Chloe’s employer. Their plan includes a telehealth service called Teladoc. Since Jason wasn’t fond of going to in-person appointments, Chloe urged him to give a virtual doctor visit a try, instead. He agreed.

Both first-timer users to this type of service, they were amazed at the quick response. In a short amount of time, Jason was connected to a doctor and could explain how he’d been feeling.

Shortly into their consultation, Jason’s Teladoc physician recognized his symptoms could be serious. In fact, the more she talked with Jason, she feared signs might be pointing to something potentially life-threatening, such as a blood clot near his lungs. However, since she couldn’t be certain without diagnostic testing, she explained the dangers a clot could present. Also, because Teladoc isn’t meant to replace emergency care, Jason’s doctor advised him to go to an emergency room for an in-person evaluation.

Neither Jason or Chloe had any idea his health had been at such high risk. Without hesitation, they followed their doctor’s advice and headed to the ER immediately. Upon arrival, Jason was admitted and seen by the hospital’s medical team. They confirmed a blood clot diagnosis and placed Jason on medications to begin proper treatment.

He really couldn’t believe how lucky he’d been. Now back home, Jason is recovering and is feeling much better. Both he and Chloe will never forget their first Teladoc experience—and are beyond grateful for the prompt care they received. They also can’t thank their Teladoc physician enough. Without a doubt, each of them would recommend this type of service as a valuable way to get needed medical advice!


This story is based on an actual member experience. Names and information have been changed to protect the member’s privacy.

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