Meritain Health OnPoint Solutions: Coming Summer 2024

Meritain Health OnPoint Solutions: Coming Summer 2024
April 5, 2024 Sue Riordan
Meritain Health OnPoint Solutions

Engaging members is the true key to lowering total cost of care. In fact, as Leonard Kish once stated, “if patient engagement were a drug, it would be the blockbuster drug of the century.”1

This was an observation Kish made back in 2012. But it’s even more true today. That’s why we’re excited to be rolling out a new offering this year that puts members at the forefront to driving measurable, sustainable outcomes. Our new packaged solution called Meritain Health OnPoint Solutions addresses a real need to get members involved in their own health. At the same time, we’ll be curating top-rated solutions to make it easier for customers to focus on areas where they can realize tangible impacts and savings.

Why now?

We listen to the feedback from the market and our own customers. It is clear there’s a pressing need right now to address several major challenges across health care. These include helping employers manage point solution fatigue, engaging members with simpler, accessible care and combating rising costs with sizeable returns.

Our new program is coming soon. In the meantime, we’re excited to let you know what you can expect to see in the months to come. We’ve taken a thoughtful approach toward creating something that will skillfully tackle some of the biggest health care challenges that exist today.

What you can expect

Through Meritain Health OnPoint Solutions, expect to see key solutions that address frequent cost drivers, while simplifying access and data. We’ll be pooling from what we already offer in areas such as telehealth, whole health, condition support, musculoskeletal care, high-cost drug management, low-cost care and family-building and menopause support.

This solution will be versatile to flow with industry changes. We’ll also be using data in new ways to assess risk, monitor benchmarks, make recommendations and give customers more power to influence results.

Getting members excited

We know employees who are least engaged in their health incur costs that trend much higher. On average, costs can be up to 21 percent higher compared to employees who actively engage in managing their health care.2

But getting members excited about improving their health is no easy feat. We’ll be focusing on inclusion, access and affordability, along with a guided member platform that drives action. Some highlights will include needs-based outreach, clear calls to action and a seamless, frictionless experience. Plus—it will be fun! The overall experience aims to motivate members by understanding them, building on their interests and creating care around things they care about.

More to come

We’ll be announcing more details about Meritain Health OnPoint Solutions and the timing of its rollout as they become available!