Empower and Engage Employees with Maven Clinic

Empower and Engage Employees with Maven Clinic
June 13, 2024 Sue Riordan
Empower employees with Maven Clinic

Today’s employees need a place to turn for support as they start, build and care for their growing families. Maven is a digital platform focused on family health and the entire family-building journey. Their programs help employees with the big and small things that arise, from family planning, fertility, maternity care, surrogacy, adoption, parenting support, return to work, menopause and much more. Find out what Maven offers and how to engage employees with it in our latest member focus.

Helping individuals and families thrive

Maven is a digital reproductive and family health platform for employers who want to redefine the health care experience with better clinical and business outcomes. It’s also a trusted way to improve employee retention and satisfaction. And that’s important, since 57 percent of employees have or would consider other jobs that offer better reproductive and family benefits1.

The flexible Maven model meets individuals where they are to provide personalized and engaging health care experiences. It delivers inclusive, comprehensive programs, improving whole health for individuals and families.

How Maven addresses trends in family health care

Maven’s programs are designed to help everyone, with focused support in these primary areas:

    • Fertility and family-building
    • Maternity and newborn care
    • Parenting and pediatrics
    • Menopause

It’s providing participants access to resources and expert clinical guidance at every stage they face. So, whether that’s middle of the day, or middle of the night—Maven will be there. And the best part? It’s no cost for participating members.

Additionally, Maven is creating a supportive culture that can help employees thrive both when they’re at home and at work. This lines up with trends employees are looking for with their health care, such as flexibility, along with caring support that fits their life. Plus, 47 percent of employees say that family benefits offered by their employers make them feel more appreciated2.

All these things make Maven a standout for working parents and individuals.

Experience Maven

But what’s it really like to use Maven? Here’s what a couple of their members had to say:

“This program is incredible. I can’t imagine being a working, traveling mother without this support. There is no price tag I could put on Maven.”

“When I had a problem at 2AM and knew my doctor’s office wasn’t going to call me back, Maven responded to me within the hour.”

You can read other real-life member journeys on their website. To view these, go to the Maven Member Journey section.  

Check these out to see why people—real people—are turning to Maven every day for support.

Contact us to learn more

You can read more about our relationship with Maven over in our newsroom.

We’re also happy to get you more information when you’re ready. Simply contact your local Meritain Health representative to get started. And see if Maven is right for you—and for making an impact with your employees.


1 Maven’s State of Women’s and Family Health Benefits, 2024

2 https://www.mavenclinic.com/