CARE Delivers Relief—and Some Holiday Cheer

CARE Delivers Relief—and Some Holiday Cheer
December 12, 2023 Sue Riordan
CARE delivers relief and some holiday cheer

Brett always feels stressed around the holidays. Buying gifts, finishing year-end projects at work and making time for friends and family add plenty of pressure.

But this year, something else was weighing on his mind—his health. Just a few months back, Brett was diagnosed with a serious skin condition, which sometimes causes large patches of dry, scaly or flaking skin to appear.

Besides being itchy and uncomfortable, he’s embarrassed by how his skin looks.

Brett’s been working with his doctor on treatments to get some relief. However, so far, none have really worked for him. Many of his symptoms are worsening. Plus, rashes have been spreading to his arms, hands, neck and face, becoming very noticeable. On top of this, Brett is supposed to host a holiday get-together at his house for his relatives.

With just days to go before the big family party, his doctor issues a new prescription for him to try. Since this medication is expensive, a clinical pharmacist from the CARE Program at Meritain Health® reaches out to Brett. To help with out-of-pocket costs, they called to enroll him in copay assistance from the drug manufacturer.

However, during their call, the pharmacist could hear just how upset Brett was feeling. His symptoms were causing him a lot of anxiety. He was hopeful to start his new treatment as soon as possible.

Understanding his concerns, Brett’s CARE pharmacist had a great idea. Oftentimes, a doctor’s office will have trial samples of medications on hand. She wondered if Brett’s doctor may have an available sample of his new medication so he could get started with doses right away. They did!

She couldn’t wait to deliver this news to Brett. With a free trial sample, he could begin his treatment that very same day. Plus, he’d save without owing a $100 specialty copay on his first dose. This solution was also good news for Brett’s employer—securing a free sample would avoid $24,000 in plan sponsor costs for a month’s worth of drug therapy.

After hearing from his CARE pharmacist, Brett was feeling grateful for the service he received. It meant a lot to him to feel his worries were understood. Plus, this all came in time to enjoy some holiday cheer with his family!

Brett’s now so content on his new path to better health and being comfortable in his skin.

A closer look at the savings obtained

Securing a free trial sample of specialty medication:

    • Saved Brett a $100 copay on a first prescription fill.
    • Saved his employer (an MPS client) over $24,000 for one month of specialty drug therapy.

This story is based on an actual member experience. Names and information have been changed to protect the member’s privacy.

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