Bringing You SkinIO™ for Early Skin Cancer Detection

Bringing You SkinIO™ for Early Skin Cancer Detection
August 25, 2023 Sue Riordan
Bringing you SkinIO

Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. In fact, one in five people can expect to be affected by it in their lifetime1. However, when caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable and even curable. Because of this, we’re excited to be bringing you SkinIO—a new offering to help with early skin cancer detection.

With SkinIO, employees can screen for skin cancer in as little as 10 minutes using an app on their smartphone or tablet. This advanced solution is now available as part of our Population Health Management (PHM) lineup.

How does SkinIO work?

SkinIO is a next-generation imaging system that uses an app to help users taking detailed photos of their skin. It’s something employees can do right from home, following a step-by-step process. Or private screenings can be arranged through an on-site clinic.

Once images are obtained, they’ll be sent securely for review by an expert dermatologist. In just a few days, users will receive results to let them know if any follow-up is necessary. If further care is recommended, SkinIO can help connect employees to an in-person dermatologist for an appointment.

Cost savings and better access

Including SkinIO in your self-funded health plan can have many benefits. First, it’s a solution created around health equity, allowing more people access to screening services and dermatology care. All that’s needed is a smartphone or other smart device to access everything SkinIO has to offer.

Secondly, by taking steps to catch cancer early, it’s possible to achieve plan savings by avoiding care at later, costlier-to-treat stages. SkinIO is helping to close the gap between proactive screenings and timely treatment when it’s needed.

Getting started

You’ll find SkinIO as a new addition in the Meritain Health® Population Health Management suite of products. The advanced solution is suitable for large or small employer groups alike. As an added advantage, implementation can be launched anytime throughout the year.

If you’re interested in finding out more, reach out to your Meritain Health representative.