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At Meritain Health, we create unrivaled connections. We’re a proud subsidiary of Aetna® and CVS Health®. This means we can connect you to over 700,000 providers nationwide, unmatched network discounts and one of the largest pharmacies. Combined with our own in-house products and valued vendor partnerships, our solutions have placed us as the second largest third party administrator (TPA) in the nation.

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Why Meritain Health?

As a Third Party Administrator (TPA), Meritain Health® offers unmatched flexibility and a fully customized benefits solution. Our industry-leading cost management strategies, best-in-class service and suite of innovative product offerings allow each client to implement a tailored employee benefits strategy that suits their unique needs.



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Valued member of the CVS Health / Aetna family

As a subsidiary of Aetna and CVS Health®, we have access to a vast number of vendors to help support your plan. No other TPA is owned by a retail organization with a clear focus on health care and making health care local. This is combined with the powerful backing of Aetna and their depth and breadth of resources, along with their 157-year history of servicing customers.

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Point Solution Optimization

Our innovative point solution portfolio offers unmatched flexibility and fully customized benefit solutions to help meet members where they are and add convenience for those who’ve traditionally experienced roadblocks in pursuit of their best health. We help align solutions to engage and address unique population needs that supplement our extensive options. While we are constantly surveying the market for solutions, we can also integrate with new market solutions through continued partnerships.

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Meet your team

Controlling Plan Costs with Meritain Health and Aetna

Featuring Michael Ciarrocchi, Chief Market Development Officer at Meritain Health® and Christina Rassi, Aetna Market Head of Sales and Service, Texas from Aetna discussing how Meritain Health can lower costs by offering a flexible platform that supports customization and integration with a broad array of solutions while leveraging the combined capabilities of CVS Health and Aetna.