Population health management

You don't have to choose between: improving clinical outcomes. improving well-being.

We’ll help you do both

And you’ll be able to address the specific risks and interests of your population head-on.

From our broad suite of population health management solutions, we’ll customize a plan to aid you in improving the health and wellness of members and their families.

We’ll do the heavy lifting, and make it easy for you to change lives for the better.

Gain support to avoid expensive claims

Access to great care, easy tools and support can remove barriers to achieving good health. Whether it’s building a healthy family, managing diabetes inside a busy lifestyle, tackling addiction, learning healthy habits or creating mental well-being, we offer real choices. When members need guidance and support for a healthier life, we have the plan resources you need for population health management.

Use data to make better decisions and improve lives

Dimensions of Health
Biometric Data Points
Modifiable Conditions

The Meritain Health difference

There are many advantages to pairing traditional medical administration services with a population health management approach. The largest? Meaningful data. And how we look at it sets us apart.

First, we dig into claims experience for each of our plan sponsors. Then, we benchmark our findings looking at industry peers, our book of business and the market at large. Next, we peer into biometric outcomes. Lastly, we figure out which resources are available or lacking.

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We ask tough questions

What’s driving costs? What conditions are people struggling with? How can we help them in meaningful ways? What programs would make it easier to access the right care and support, improve their health, and help them save their hard-earned paychecks? Is a program fair for all participants? It it equitable? Is it engaging?

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We’re always innovating

We don’t want our plan sponsors spending money where they don’t have to, but instead focus our recommendations on what makes sense. By helping your employees thrive, they don’t have to worry about what’s next. Let us help you develop a plan that addresses what you need today while evolving with you. That’s real change.

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